Pan Caliente: Havana Meets Kingston

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On Pan Caliente, we mostly focus on musica indie, but we are huge fans of Sala, Reggae, Merengue, Dancehall, and other “World” type genres budding in the Caribbean. So when this new collaboration between two islands with musical legacies as rich as any first world nation came across our mailbox, we instantly knew we had to feature it.

It’s a distinct project due out on November 3rd on VP Records entitled Havana Meets Kingston. And while there have been a couple other projects throughout the years that have tried to do this type of “Caribbean Connection,” none have had the focus that this album achieved.

Havana Meets Kingston album art (The original image is no longer available, please contact KCRW if you need access to the original image.)

Take the beyond Cuban classic, “El cuarto de Tula,” popularized by Buena Vista Social Club. It gets blended into a reggae/dancehall version here that seems so natural, one wonders why no one had done this before. Check out the video below which features Maikel Ante, El Medico and Turbulence.

The entire album is produced by Australia’s leading reggae and dancehall producer Mista Savona (aka Jake Savona), and has an all-star cast of musicians including some heavyweights like Sly & Robbie, Barbarito Torres, Sizzla, Changuito (of Los Van Van),

Havana Meets Kingston will also be accompanied by a full length documentary featuring the recording process of such a groundbreaking album slated for release in 2018.

(Photo Credit: Lara Merrington)