Pan Caliente: Hello Seahorse! "Mujer"

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Hello Seahorse! are a band that started out on the fringe of musica-indie just over 13 years ago. They began as a dulcet, experimental pop outfit, and primarily sang in English. Slowly, they embraced more of a knack for writing excellent songs in Spanish, and found their now signature sound.

It involves darker melodies, influenced by electronic post-rock. LoBlondo’s operatic style of singing and distinguishable timbre has also helped Hello Seahorse! plant their flag in the pantheon of successful Mexican bands. 

They’ve teased us the last couple years with various singles and an EP to boot, however it appears that 2020 will finally yield their first full length album since 2012’s Aruima.

Disco Estimulante (Stimulating Disc) is set for release this Friday, January 10th and if the first couple singles are any indication, the wait was definitely worth it! Check out the strangely appealing video to the single "Mujer," below.