Pan Caliente: Introducing Brainstory

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This week, we take Pan Caliente on the road... east… waaay east of Santa Monica, into the badlands of the County of San Bernardino, and a small town called Rialto. Here, we find one of my current favorite bands of the SoCal scene. Self described as “one part jazz, one part psychedelia, and a whole lotta soul put in the middle.” Ladies & gentlemen, meet Brainstory.

Their single "Mnemophobia," which means a fear of memories, has made the rounds on various DJ shows on KCRW as of late. Now, their latest single "Breathe," on Big Crown Records solidifies my belief that this band, comprised of brothers Kevin & Tony Martin who look like they stepped straight out of the 70’s, will continue to be an impactful band. Especially in a musica-indie scene where the genre boundaries are being constantly redefined.

Brainstory has a sound that has all the right combinations: some Hendrix influence, some wah-wah pedals, a funky-ass bassist, a captivating front-man, some afro-latin groove, and a sprinkle of that Art Laboe, Inland Empire, cholo-funk romance.

Dig in and stay tuned for more.