Pan Caliente: Juan Son – “Siento”

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The eccentric musical stylings of one of Mexico’s most talented falsettos has resurfaced once again!

Juan Son, who once fronted the experimental band Porter in the early aughts, stopped making music around 2013 after an ephemeral reunion with his former band at Vive Latino.

It didn’t seem to matter that his solo album Mermaid Sashimi, released in 2009, had become a cult classic or that his side project AEIOU (with Simon Pace of Blonde Redhead) garnered critical acclaim and poised him for crossover stardom… he flat out disappeared into the ether.

Just as quickly as Juan Son vanished… he reappeared this year with a concoction of electronic tinkerings on Spotify and this video for his song “Siento.”

It’s a simple video with him dancing the whole time, but the song carries an ear wig of a melody along the lines of the theatrical, electronic sounds found on his previous solo release.

Then, in September, Juan Son released another song… this time in English. Which isn’t too strange seeing as his project with AEIOU had been in English as well as his cover of Def Leppard’s “I Want You to Want Me” alongside Los Odio.

There isn’t much more information about what his future plans may be… will he release a new album? Maybe another collaboration with Simon Pace? Who knows?

But what we do know is that Goldenvoice announced a Juan Son show at the El Rey in Los Angeles, February 19th, 2019 with support from Y La Bamba.

We’ll be there.

(Photo c/o artist)