Pan Caliente: Lagartijeando x Javier Arce – Video Premiere

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We’ve featured producer Lagartijeando’s jungle-electronica meets rhythms of the Argentinian backwoods, previously on Pan Caliente. And, as the big fans that we are, we are even further impressed with his latest forthcoming single in the form of a collaboration with Costa Rica’s own Javier Arce.

Arce once the lead singer of one of Costa Rica’s leading indie bands, Cocofunka, has been on a righteous tear with his new solo endeavors.  His three initial singles have gathered more than 1 million streams, and made top Musica-Indie playlists from Spotify and Apple Music.

With this collaboration, the two have joined forces to create a soaring tribute for Latin America’s boundless plains in their brand new single “Vuelo por la pampa.”

The track combines Lagartijeando’s penchant for Latin folklore and electronic sounds with Javier Arce’s dreamy and visually descriptive lyrics. Adding also a subtle interpretation of a reggaeton back beat and some African heritage sounds.

The single which will be released today, is accompanied by the surreal video above, directed by the French director Swann El Mokkeddem, along with a remix by the well known Argentinian producer El Remolón.

The duo plans to release more songs, and we for one are not mad at this partnership that fuses two distinct Musica-Indie sounds from vastly different countries.

Artwork by Maria Jose Navarro