Pan Caliente: LAMC 2018 Is Here

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This year there’s a notable absence of the enormous headliners usually programmed at the Latin Alternative Music Conference showcases. But that’s not to say there aren’t quality artists attending & showcasing. In fact, with the absence of monster acts hogging all the attention, the mid-level participants have a greater spotlight on them.

Here are our Top 4 Acts to be on the lookout for at this year’s LAMC:

DJ Raff

It’s no secret that I am a devout fan of this Chilean beat-maker. His hip-hop leaning early stuff is great, and his pivot into more break beat, instrumental electronica has kept me grooving, so I’m excited to finally see him do his thing live. Also worth mentioning, he is the unsung hero behind the theme song for Broad City…. Yaaaaaass!

Nicola Cruz

Nicola is also a beat-maker/producer. However, his electronic music carries with it large influences of his Ecuadorian heritage and Andean sounds, as he creates lush music that is ethereal, for lack of a better word. He’s one of the bigger names currently on ZZK Records and throws down great DJ sets.

Carlos Cros

There’s no shortage of Spanish (as in from Spain) rock-n-rollers armed with a guitar and catchy tunes, but Carlos Cros has proven he does it better than the rest of the pack. In 2014, Rolling Stone (Spain) named his jam “La distancia” as Best Song of the Year. His sophomore album, La mejor defensa, riffed off of that success with a slight twang that makes us more than excited about catching this act live at the “Sounds From Spain” showcase.

Very Be Careful

One of the most interesting things about traveling to music conferences is seeing how audiences in different cities receive bands from our own hometown of Los Angeles. With seven independent albums under their belt, and a penchant for traditional Colombian Vallenato, it’ll be interesting to see how much love Queens has for LA’s self-proclaimed Vallenato Champs at SummerStage’s “Spotlight on Colombia” show.

Photos Courtesy of : Nacional Records