Pan Caliente: Lido Pimienta

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I came across Lido Pimienta’s Afro-cuban, electronic synth-pop sometime in 2009, while hosting a web-based radio show called Sala de Espera. Her tack “Mueve” had been remixed by Future Feelings and as is the case with great remixes, I sought out the original to compare.

Lido’s musical style was captivating. While the remix contained elements of reggae, the original sound was more electronic with powerful, leading vocals. In 2010, she covered a Rita Indiana song entitled “Platanitos” and the deal was set. I was a huge fan of her vocal prowess.

As with many infatuations… sometimes you forget about them after a while.

But six years later, while listening to a SXSW playlist, I came across a track that was an electronic-pop convection and it instantly reminded me of Lido Pimienta’s sound. I grabbed my phone looked at the screen, and lo and behold, it WAS Lido Pimienta.

My intoxication with her sound had been revived. And, as a bonus she’s touring in the U.S. with an anchor date at SXSW.

The Barranquilla born Colombian via Toronto artist, now has 2 phenomenal albums Colors (2010) & La Papessa (2016) and is the recipient of the Polaris Music Prize in Canada; one of their top juried music prizes.

Take a listen. Be enamored.

Photo courtesy of Alejandro Santiago