Pan Caliente: Looking at Elsa Y Elmar's Latin Grammy nomination

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Latin Grammy nominations were just revealed for the 20th installment of the award show, and it appears to be business as usual within the Latin music industry. Huge acts received their millionth nominations and we still marvel at the proficiency of Norteño bands whose new album cycle is every 7 months.  As was the case with Natalia LaFourcade a couple years back, Ximena Sariñanas phenomenal album has crept into the cultural zeitgeist and received both a Record of the Year & Album of the Year nomination. Which is huge for an artist that is neither a heritage act nor a mega pop star.

But we digress...

One nomination we’re super hyped on is Elsa Y Elmars Best New Artist nod. We’ve been on the Colombian via Mexico expat's melodious train since 2015, and we’ve featured her music in our playlists the last couple years. She’s been steadily releasing singles all year and her latest video for her most recent rack, entitled, “Mierda,” is a complicated love song. 

Complicated because it professes love and the chorus focuses on citing all the things that can go wrong with love. Strange but melodically appealing in a way that only Elsa Y Elmar can make. Check out the video below.