Pan Caliente: Los Waldners

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I know ‘Best of” lists are pretty far off in the distance. But I have to mention it because of this delicious gem of musica indie pop I have been listening to on repeat recently.

Los Waldners are a quartet from Costa Rica, who inject that “pura vida” vibe into every ounce of their music.

“Malas Decisiones”, albeit only 6 songs, feels like a full length album. It opens up with jangly pop rock much like their first release, except this album feels a lot more Two Door Cinema Club (upbeat rather than melancholy Smiths).  I know bands probably hate the comparisons, but I feel it’s a must to relate musica indie to better known bands in English. It’s a dynamic follow up to their 2014 debut which tells you all in it’s title: “Eclipse Total del Corazon” (Total Eclipse of the Heart).

Their first single Periodistas starts out with screech of guitars that tricks you into thinking some nice loud fuzz is coming but instead breaks into a melodic earwig of a tune. The other five tracks are no slouches either. They are equally as catchy. It’s a feel good sonic treat to lead us into the summer.

Malas Decisiones is out now across all platforms and would indeed not be a bad decision to listen to on a balmy spring afternoon.