Pan Caliente Video Premiere: Natalia Clavier - This Feeling (Concret Remix)

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Natalia Clavier is a true embodiment of the musica indie movement, where cultures converge, sounds meld, and the line between English and Spanish music is blurred into one universal tone.

Her Buenos Aires roots and stint as Thievery Corporation’s lead vocalist during live shows, as well as her collaboration with the Echocentrics, have helped craft her unique voice as a solo artist. Add to that her affinity for jazz, Argentinian folk, American soul, and protest rock and you arrive at her 2018 multi lingual release, Trans.

Today we premiere the video for a remix by Concret of the opening song, "This Feeling." The track features a new steady backbeat and is elevated to a true ethereal plane. Natalia explains that this remix, “dives deeper into the story that the album version of the song touches on...” which is about about "her experience with the sacred healing medicine of the Amazon known as Ayahuasca."

 As for the visuals, it's as Natalia put it, “Levitation Theory help narrate the experience in this psychedelic visual journey,” Pretty trippy, but soothing; and perfect for a midweek chill out.