Pan Caliente Premiere: Olmeca offers a bicultural decree on "The Message"

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A month has felt like a year… And this year so far feels like 5. However, we must keep on keepin’ on and continue to seek out clarity and solace through music. Because music IS Life. And that is what we do. 

Today, we have a video premiere of the poignant new anthem "The Message," by one of L.A.’s best underground MCs, Olmeca. 

In a nutshell, this anthem is about reflecting on the integral part Latinos play in the economy, culture, and well being of the United States, as bi-cultural individuals. “The Message” puts forth the decree that it’s time to step up and re-examine representation in media, absence in Census gathering, and need for assimilation.

Olmeca does this with clever lyrics that flow at a rapid, quick draw pace (his signature style) and pushes his ‘message’ without being militant.

It’s food for thought during a point in time where we are all trying to look out for each other and be one as a human race, (even if we’re confined to our homes).

Stay healthy and safe.

By the way, I will be taking Pan Caliente live via Instagram today at 11am Pacific

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