Pan Caliente: Premiering iLe’s “Canibal” Video

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For the past 10 years iLe, better known as PG-13, has been the sole female vocalist alongside her brothers in the colossal Puerto Rican-band, Calle 13.  With four Grammys, as well as two-dozen Latin Grammys, they’ve become one of the most groundbreaking bands from the non-traditional Reggaeton genre.

With that said, it’s no great surprise that iLE’s announcement last August of an impending solo record created a flurry of anticipation.  As with any new project from a member that breaks off from a band that embody a trademark sound, it’s interesting to see whether their solo effort will be a diluted carbon copy or a new direction and sound altogether.

Well the wait is over and I believe she chose the latter.  Today we unveil “Canibal,” the first video single from iLE’s forthcoming solo debut.

“Canibal” is a well-crafted video that poignantly explores a self-reflexive perspective on how we cannibalize our feelings and, to a further extent, our identities.  It’s a very fitting interpretation that accents the lyrical thematic by iLE & director Juan Manuel Costa of El Birque Animaciones. It is also a beautifully executed live action animation.


“Canibal” was co-produced by iLe and Ismael Cancel, Calle 13’s drummer. The song features arrangements and keys by Eduardo Cabra (Visitante Calle 13) and acclaimed Argentine bassist Guillermo Vadala.