Pan Caliente: Preview Circo's first new album in 13 years

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On today’s Pan Caliente we bring you an exclusive preview of the first release in 13 years from Puerto Rican rock quartet Circo. Their album Adiós Hola marks the end of the band’s hiatus and finds them embracing a new chapter.

Following what was known as the Verano Intenso (Intense Summer) in Puerto Rico, with social unrest and earthquakes in 2019, Fofé, Egui, David, and Orlando, found themselves back in the recording studio. They were composing new tracks and operating closer as a band. Leadman Fofé said this about their reuniting: “Adiós Hola talks about the hope of new beginnings and presents the act of breaking with the routine of a relationship which was one thought of unbreakable as something positive and worth celebrating. It celebrates the lucky streaks, new experiences and shared intimacies.”

Circo had a pretty good run in the early part of the aughts, with Latin Grammy nominations for all three of their albums. From having previewed Adiós Hola, I feel this will be no different, except that a win might definitely be in the cards this time.

The album is perfect from the melancholy opener "La Tormenta," to the western style rock ballad closer "Illuminar."  Songs within are inspired and incorporate Circo’s signature sound, which is influenced by new wave, post punk and alternative. The range is varied from the ambitious anthem "Si Tu Te Vas" and the electro rock-pop earwig, “Tantos Años,” which is nostalgic in sound and lyrics.

Adiós Hola will be released tomorrow on all platforms via Buena Fortuna Records & Sony Music Latin, but here is a sneak preview of the album for our Pan Caliente faithfuls. Take it for a spin and see if it doesn’t get to the third track before you say to yourself, “Wow, this is a solid album!”

Preview the album here.