Pan Caliente: Sexy and Groovy Sounds from Astro

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Astro is back!

Today, these Chilean, musica indie pioneers, and one of my favorite bands, release their third album, Chicos de la Luz.

It’s been about 3 years since I’ve heard anything new from these guys, and I was scared when I heard their lead singer, Andres, had a side project he’d been working on… but then the announcement came to my inbox about this new album and all was right in the cosmos.

On their new record, Astro sonido espacial, as they refer to themselves on their online handles (it’s easier to find them this way), keep the sonic voyage abstract and ethereal but have now slowed down the feverish enthusiasm of their previous songs and brought forth an almost space-lounge type album.

Their music continues to build on heavy synths and, even though this record is slightly more minimalist, their trademark infusion of calypso electro is still quite present.

It’s a sound that has definitely matured almost in a very deliberate way. It’s almost as if someone asked Astro, “but what about the ballads & slow jams?” And their response resulted in this sexy and groovy, slowed down version of their own space sounds.

Maybe their sonic expansion comes from having toured nonstop for the past two years, or maybe it was a conscious effort on behalf of the band to take their music further.

Whatever the case, after the initial “why aren’t the new songs the same as the last album” brattiness that fans impose on their favorite band has worn off, you come to appreciate that – slow or fast – Astro have a penchant for catchy hooks and memorable electronic riffs.

Favorite tracks:
Caribbean, Chicos de la luz (Children of the Light), Danza Celestial (Celestial Dance), Rico (Delicious or Rich) & Warrior (Guerrero).

The track “Warrior“, actually encapsulates everything that I love about this band in one song. It is the perfect bridge on between their old and new stuff.