Pan Caliente: Top 5 Albums You May Have Missed in 2014

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1. Buscabulla – “Buscabulla” (EP)

Not exactly an album, but with 4 deliciously haunting tracks, this Nuyorican duo’s EP, is a standout that didn’t get the undivided attention it deserved.

If you think it sounds too much like Blood Orange in Spanish,  take it up with Dev Hynes, who actually produced the record for Buscabulla. A must listen.

RIYL: Blood Orange, Banks, Grimes

2. Florian Droids – “Osos de Agua

With lots of great bands coming out of Costa Rica, it’s difficult to say which is “the best.”

But when one of them puts out a solid, front to back album, the competition narrows. It is an excellent neo-psychedelic rock album for the masses.
RIYL: Tame Impala, Temples, Banda de Turistas

3. Chicano Batman – “Cycles of an Existential Rhyme

These Los Angeles-based, Chicano soul makers, return with a solid bilingual offering.

It’s a nostalgic sound of a romanticized, East LA barrio era, that is surprisingly refreshing.

Their previous album was a KCRW favorite, however this one slipped under the radar. But it’s just as good if not better.

RIYL: Malo, Tierra, Lana del Rey

4. Caloncho – Fruta (EP)

Another great EP that made other full lengths seem a bit unnecessary.

This one didn’t go as unnoticed as the rest on our list — it was nominated for two Latin Grammys and he’s toured all over due to that success.

Mellow sounds that are difficult to classify but land somewhere between folky singer songwriter & mellow, ambient pop.

RIYL: Adanowsky, Valerie June, Jorge Drexler

5.Kinky – MTV Unplugged

Over a decade has passed since these Regiomontanos changed the way we talk about Spanish music.

Staying true to the MTV Unplugged brand, K, rework and reimagine most of their top songs and sprinkle in great special guests. All with the help of go to producer Phil Vinal. It’s worth a listen if you ever were a fan.

RIYL: Kinky