Pan Caliente Track Premiere: Alih Jey – “Mi Debilidad”

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Given that the Pan Caliente feature is about music discovery, we sometimes forget to shine a light on classics of the past. Well, today through Alih Jey’s first single off her forthcoming record, Soy De Peña, we get to stay true to featuring new music, while at the same time throwing a nod to the past.

For those unfamiliar, Alih Jey has forged her own path, being the first Dominican musician to be nominated for a Latin Grammy in the category of Best Rock Solo Vocal Album, and she even penned a hit song for Ricky Martin.

The new single “Mi Debilidad” (and Alih Jey’s entire new album for that matter), is a tribute to her father Aníbal De Peña, whom throughout the ’60’s & ’70’s had some real lasting hits. To many, he is considered a musical icon in the Dominican Republic.

Take a listen below to Alih Jey’s first single off this tribute:

With her tenacity and plenty of hype behind her, it’s possible she’ll also join the musical icon ranks with her father.

(Photos c/o artist)