Pan Caliente: Video Potpourri

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I listen to a TON of music, but I also enjoy a good music video from time to time (grew up watching actual videos on MTV). However, I’m not talking insane production or budget, just something clever and interesting. Even official music videos that were recorded from live shows are fun to watch.

Well today we bring you 4 videos from artists who have released music in the last 6 months. Don’t sit too close to your computer screen.

Rosalía is riding a huge wave of buzz, having opened for Juanes at the Hollywood Bowl this past summer and racking up more than 22 million views on this video released less than 6 months ago. Her sound is a great blend of that downbeat urban goodness (which the kids are loving right now), with a hint of flamenco roots. It’s also co-produced by El Guincho… not too shabby.

Uruguay’s NTVG are still at it!  This is the sixth single from their Latin Grammy nominated album, Suenan las alarms. It’s a live cut from one of the band’s performances that shows their energy is still very captivating after all these years.

Teri Gender Bender is a true artist; and Le Butcherettes are still pushing the boundaries of rock n roll and female gender roles within this musical landscape. The video is not as intense as some of their previous, but it still has a lot of Teri’s fiery and purposeful angst.

From J Balvin collaborating with Beyonce, to A. CHAL’s ‘Love and Hennessy’, to Drake singing in Spanish with Bad Bunny… it’s Latin Urban’s moment in music right now.  And, even though it sometimes sounds like you’re hearing a copy of a copy of a copy, there’s still delight is hearing that sound replicated in a different part of the world. C. Tangana hails from Madrid… and, well, 3.5 million monthly streaming listeners can’t all be wrong.

(Teri Gender Bender photo c/o Edward Ian Bluth-Creative Commons , Le Butcherettes photo c/o Strongmendie-Creative Commons)