Pan Caliente Video Premiere: Femina X – “Black Tongue”

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Today we bring you the video premiere of “Black Tongue” from San Antonio-based Femina-X.

It’s a conceptual narrative short film that “uses an Aztec futuristic aesthetic and metamorphic visual language to tell the story of saving oneself from a toxic relationship.”

“Black Tongue” is an incredibly vivid and sensual music video that accompanies Daniela Riojas’ sultry voice and the entrancing guitar riff of Alex Scheel.

In these 5 minutes, director Diego Lozano creates a world that introduces a queen who ceremonially purges herself of her partner’s oppressive energy and transforms into something empowered. He also packs in allusions of the dichotomy between pagan rituals and the Conquest of Christianity of the Americas with “the Queen’s” transformation into a Virgin de Guadalupe type character. There’s also a hint at the story of the Phoenix from Greek mythology, as she emerges and is reborn not from fire, but an Aztec ritual.

Femina-X’s album Multiverse is out now on all digital platforms.