Pan Caliente Video Premiere: Le Butcherettes 'TUNISIA'

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Teri Gender Bender & co of Le Butcherettes have had a busy a 12-month period. An incredible album and an extensive tour behind it would be enough for most bands in the span of one year – however, for Le Butcherettes, they also found time to release a 7 song EP.

Don’t Bleed is scheduled to drop on February 14th, 2020 on Rise Records. And the first single from that EP was released a week ago. Today, we premiere the video for “TUNISIA,” which is a super rad homage to the Rob Reiner directed adaptation of Stephen King’s novel, Misery

In it, Teri becomes the obsessed Annie Wilkes character, but her obsession is with synth & triggers player Rikardo Rodriguez-Lopez, who is held captive so that he will produce sweet melodies for the frontwoman & band. It’s truly clever and goes incredibly well with the high energy, driving bass synth, rock track.

With year-end lists quickly approaching, don’t be surprised if you hear more about Le Butcherettes in the weeks to come.

Spoiler alert: their album, bi/MENTAL will end up in my Top 10 this year… don’t sleep on Le Butcherettes!