Pan Caliente Video Premiere: Wait. Think. Fast.

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In 2010, LA-based bilingual band, Wait. Think. Fast., released their guitar-rock driven album Luces del Sur to critical acclaim; and they even had an appearance on MBE (listen to that session HERE). But then there was silence.

There was a move to New York, a death, a birth and then a move back to LA; and all the while Matthew Beighley and Jaqueline Santillan Beighley continued to work and craft their follow up record during the long seven year absence.

Husband and wife duo, Matthew & Jaqueline, got rid of the band, built a home studio, and took the creative freedom to record (and re-record) until they felt they had achieved their desired musical maturity.

Today we premiere “Endless Serenade,” the latest video from their forthcoming album Dale Tiempo (out Friday, Oct 20th)

“Endless Serenade’s” choral arrangements are melodically enchanting and build to a percussive hypnosis, with the sweetness of Jaqueline’s voice. It’s an earwig that demonstrates Wait. Think. Fast’s. musical maturity as a band that’s ditched their rocker adolescence for a more intricate dream pop with fascinating lyrics.

Dale Tiempo is a meticulously constructed sophomore record with bilingual charm, and emotional lyrical content that pays tribute to both the passing of Jaqueline’s father (he is featured on the cover art) as well as the birth of the musical couple’s new daughter.

It’s a record perfectly suited for fall.