Pan Caliente: Xenia Rubinos releases two new singles

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There’s some deep history between Xenia Rubinos and Pan Caliente. Well, actually, only the fact that we have been huge fans of hers since 2012 and that she was the second artist ever featured on Pan Caliente circa 2013.

Six years and one highly acclaimed release in 2016 later - and we are still smitten with this experimental vocalist from NYC. This week she released a ‘double single’ which sounds like an amazing burger but it is instead 2 new songs that may or may not appear on a forthcoming album.

The reason for releasing both “DIOSA” (goddess) and “BUGEISHA” (female warrior in Japanese culture) at the same time as a double single was because as Xenia explains, “They are both anthems of female ferocity and power. I thought that was the perfect energy to lead into 2020 with.

Both tracks are electronic at the core and a bit more aggressive in their thematic approach than her previous work. But, if you take into account her vocal playfulness on songs like “Whirlwind” and “Pan y Café”, you’ll find similarities.

Take a listen to "DIOSA" while watching the new video. It will definitely inspire you to be a “Diosa (goddess), Reina (queen), Chula (hottie), Bella (beautiful).”