Pan Caliente’s Top 10 of 2015

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Jose Galvan, our Pan Caliente correspondent for all things musical with a Latin flair, has offered up his Top 10 Albums of 2015 (in reverse order to build the suspense!)

10. Gepe – Estilo Libre
This is a big, loud, party album! Perfect amount of Chilean folk combined with rotund 808s and stellar live drumming. Gepe will not give up on making his unique brand of tropical pop, and I for one am glad.  RIYL: Buraka Som Sistema, ChocQuibTown

9. Abstrakto – Abstrakto
There aren’t many albums these days you can simply throw on and listen from start to finish. This cohesive piece of sonic art showcases one of musica indie’s most recognizable voices, and creates a soundtrack uniquely crafted out of the Angelino experience. It’s hip, Latin-flavored, ominous at times, and overall makes you forget there is a skip button. RIYL: Ozomatli, Daniele Luppi

8. Guadalupe Plata – Guadalupe Plata (2015)
Well they refuse to put out an album that isn’t a self titled album, but that doesn’t mean the music is stale. Americana, roots music, in Spanish, is maybe just a personal favorite of mine, but despite that, this album grooves and takes you back to Rock & Roll basics.  RIYL: Hanni El Khatib, Felipe El Hombre

7. Mujercitas Terror – Fiesta Muda
Post-punk of the macabre. They’ve polished their sound without loosing the noisey, guitar driven melodies. It’s refreshing to say the least. You can’t all be Tame Impala guys. And through their music they appear to say, “Fuck it. We don’t want to sound like that. We’ll settle for sounding more like The Cramps.”  RIYL: The Cramps, Los Punsetes

6. Carla Morrison – Amor Supremo
While musically a departure from her previous acclaimed album, Carla finds a way to thematically inject yet more emotion into her songs. It’s a solid album that lived up to the hype and will gain her an even bigger following.  RIYL: Natalie Lafourcade, Lykke Li

5. Astro – Chicos de la luz
Not quite as catchy as their first two albums, but still a solid experimental effort put forth by the loudest live bands in the genre. The album is a fun and playful exposé of what tropical and calypso music sounds like when interpreted in an electronic style. It also sounds much like a video game.  RIYL: Dapuntobeat, El Guincho

4. Natalia Lafourcade – Hasta la Raiz
Never has a rebranding of sound made such an impact both within and outside of musica indie. Lafourcade managed to break into the mainstream by ditching her flirtation with pop music. Ironic, but the result is an excellently crafted album.  RIYL: Carla Morrison, Cat Power

3. Diamante Electrico– B
Raw, garagey goodness that is loud and soulful. Were it not in Spanish, this band would be in the same convos as the Black Keys in Rolling Stone or Spin. But it is, and so it might never make it to those conversations. However, it still kicks major ass.  RIYL: The Black Keys, Guadalupe Plata

2. Bomba Estereo – Amanecer
The band’s 3rd album boasts stellar production and a refocused effort towards world beat rather than hip-hop. It’s stacked with bangers from start to finish and also sounds amazing live.  RIYL: Major Lazer, Chancha via Circuito

1. Porter – Moctezuma
This is a beautiful concept album with lyrics and themes that showcase intelligent songwriting and virtuous musicianship. A must listen for any musichead.  RIYL: The Mars Volta, Austin TV