Pan Caliente’s Top Albums of 2017

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Here’s our favorite Pan Caliente records of 2017. Check ’em out below, along with a playlist featuring a top track from each album.

10) Indios – Asfalto: Indie rock seems to have eclipsed Rock Nacional in Argentina. This album is delectable rock with catchy tunes.

RIYL: Banda de Turistas, Costera

9) Las Cafeteras – Tastes Like L.A.: The ensemble that began as a nod to traditional Son Jarocho has shed the confines of genre constraints and forged ahead with their own brand of sound. It’s an incredibly local record, with relatable themes for our current state of affairs in the world.

RIYL: Quitapenas, Centavrvs

8) Vetusta Morla – Mismo sitio, Distinto lugar: The title translates to the idea of Same Space, Distinct Place; very apropos for the Spanish band’s 5th studio album. Their sound is similar but somehow tweaked just slightly and is now incredibly palatable.

RIYL: Zoé, Diamante Eléctrico

7) Buyepongo – Túmbalo: Buye is a long way from their DIY debut EP. They’ve finally found how to properly translate their sound onto a record. Feel the energy and feel the vibes. Buyangú!

RIYL: Sotomayor, Ozomatli

6) Thee Commons – Paleta Sonora: The psychedelic cumbia punks’ album toes the line between beach blanket bingo soundtrack and a backyard party favorite. David Pacheco’s voice is still one of the big allures of the band but the instrumental tracks do not fall flat either.

RYLI: Chicha Libre, Los Straightjackets

5) Bomba Estéreo – Ayo: This group keeps evolving. They definitely have the Bangerz formula down and can pack it out with hits. But their melodic sensibility for sonic ballads has also been strengthened with this album. Ayo achieves a cohesive dynamic with high energy peaks and grooved out valleys.

RIYL: Nicola Cruz, Mexican Institute of Sound

4) AJ Davila – El Futuro: Since his days with Davila666, AJ has had a knack for garage rock wrapped up in dulcet pop. It’s a mature record that defies any stereotypes about music that comes out of Puerto Rico.

RIYL: Prettiest Eyes, Las Ligas Menores

3) Buscabulla – EP II: Another stellar EP from Raquel & Luis Alfredo, that eclipsed most full length albums this year. It’s the sound that vividly encapsulates what Musica Indie is all about.

RIYL: Marineros, Goldfrapp

2) Chico Mann & Captain Planet – Night Visions: Chico Mann does what he does and yet he keeps getting better and better. It’s Carribean groove heaven and an excellent album from start to finish!

RIYL: Novalima, Quantic

1) El Mato a un Policia Motorizado – La Sintesis O’Konor: We’ve been smitten with El Mato since we heard them in 2008. Their sound harkens spirits of all your favorite Alternative music gods without sounding cliché. Solid record.

RIYL: Los Bunkers, The Strokes

(Chico Mann & Captain Planet photo: Azul Amaral,