Penthouse Penthouse Cover Sisqo’s “Thong Song”

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Oh, to remember the summer of 2000.

The “Thong Song” was ubiquitous and, in a time where we were being bombarded by boy bands, it was a somewhat welcome — albeit random — pop sensation.

It was kinda funny, it seemed in good fun and it was pretty easy to learn all the words without much effort.

Now, all these years later, LA’s Penthouse Penthouse have put their stamp on it. And incredibly so.

From KCRW DJ Anthony Valadez:

It’s a really sophisticated approach to such a pop song.

Complete with a dark intro, bass licks, finger snaps and a tambourine,  this song takes on a whole new meaning and vibe!

I really don’t know much about this LA duo other than they are fans of KCRW and have a show coming up September 19th at the Echoplex to support the release of their debut EP!

I somehow was able to work this gem into my Morning Becomes Eclectic set (clean version of course) when I was filling in for Jason on Labor Day and I got great feedback via social media so I thought it was worth sharing!