People Get Ready: Artist You Should Know

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I think most music lovers are looking for immediate gratification. I mean, there are few forms of art that can utterly satisfy your core in just 2 minutes. Films can take you on a roller coaster of emotions in over two hours, but there is nothing like a super shot of joyful, forlorn, angst or whatever feeling it is you need that you can get from a song.

The song that did that for me over the weekend was by People Get Ready, a group Miranda July introduced me to as part of her Guest DJ Project set.

It’s “Disappear”, one of 4 songs on their excellent EP out on Quite Scientific.

Disappear by Quite Scientific Records

People Get Ready founder Steven Reker toured as a dancer and guitarist with David Byrne – indie credentials which are hard to ignore. But the music stands on it’s own, bursting with energy. The self-titled EP came out in November and a full length is expected for late spring/early summer. Be on the lookout!