POOLS: Artist You Should Know

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“Work hard, play hard,” the old motto goes.

Thee Mike B and DJ Morsecode are two of LA’s hardest working DJs and hardest playing super fun dudes.

For awhile, the two have been finding time (where and how I do not know considering their schedules) to work on POOLS.

And boy lemme tell yas, their sealing and tile work are absolutely fantastic (*rimshot-crash)! Heyoooo!

Seriously though, these dudes put a lot of work into their chill, summery production project POOLS, which tends to rear it’s head annually around Coachella with a mixtape of edits and very vibey beats.

This be the sound of Southern California’s endless summer; dark sunglasses, ice cubes clinking in fruity rum punch, hip-hop video bikini girls and irie clouds.

The POOLS edit of Dee Dee Sharp’s Philly International late disco classic “Easy Money” is a permanent fixture in my wheelhouse as it’s perfect for day or nighttime vibes.

Their latest mix, Innertubes, is available as a free download on Soundcloud, but hard copies are available on Mike B’s website and at Amoeba and a vinyl version comes out later this summer. “Li’l Triceratops” shimmers, cracks and chugs perfectly and is just about the best track to hear as you cannonball in slow motion into a Palm Springs pool and splash cool water all over the hot babes working on their tan.

Take it with you to any and all pool parties all summer long and you will be the lifesaver freshmaker.