Prins Thomas delivers a banging Rainbow Disco Club mix

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Rainbow Disco Club docked in Tokyo’s Harumi Terminal in Tokyo Bay. The brainchild of intrepid and enterprising DJ dudes who believe in the power of the groove, Rainbow Disco Club was going to be a new kind of festival and a concerted effort to bring about a new wave of Japanese club life.

That ship flew into deep space with DJ Harvey at the helm, supported by Ame, Kenji Takimi, Darshan (of Metro Area) and Radio Slave and was a phenomenal success. It promised greatness and by all accounts acheived it. But the plans to continue were thwarted the following year by a brutal earthquake in 2011 and 2012s devastating rainstorm, typhoon, flooding madness.

In 2013, RDC was able to re-launch and have continued bringing next level talent to the bay; Moodymann, Greg Wilson, Prins Thomas, Magic Mountain High, Dixon, DJ Nature, Kuniyuki and so on.

In honor and celebration of the event, the Endless Flight label has launched a mix series called Rainbow Disco Club and the first volume was craftily put together by Prins Thomas. Although generally regarded as a talented producer and champion of “space disco” it should not be forgotten that Thomas is a remarkable DJ with a keen awareness of all good things worth dancing to.

Rainbow Disco Club Vol. 1 is initially a little jarring if you’re expecting some all too familiar Scando whooshes and zooms. Especially if you’re looking for anything remotely resembling his III album that came out earlier this year. The mix immediately starts in the darkness of a 4am warehouse with Donato Dozzy techno throbber “Untitled (D2)” and continues at a steady clubby pace until it gets to the facemelting kaleidoscopic carousel of Anstam’sWhiskey” at which point you realize there is no going back or stopping…only forward motion on the exhilarating, sometime terrifying and super wavy mix (which I would’ve unapologetically subtitled Mr. Thomas’ Wild Ride.)

It must be mixtape season…because it’s on NOW.

Find it. Ride it. And keep your hands and feet in the vehicle at all times.

*Below is promo mix Thomas had made in advance of his appearance at the festival in 2012, not a sample of the Endless Flight mix.