Private Agenda: Artist You Should Know

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It’s about this time of year when people all over the world begin clamoring to declare a Song of the Summer™.

With that in mind, I’d like officially cast my ballot for “Deja Vu,” the debut single from Berlin-based trio Private Agenda

I’ve listened to this song A LOT, and I still get a deep sense of satisfaction every time I hear the opening notes which playfully combine pan flute, steel drums, and a very prominent saxophone to conjure visions of tropical paradises for days.

Though Private Agenda has only officially existed as a band since September 2014, they’re already setting themselves apart from the pack by showcasing a keen ability to create a very specific sound that uses clever production techniques and great melodies to shape their decidedly 80s based influences into something that sounds completely fresh.

A quick scan of their Facebook page reveals that these guys are true music fans. They’re always ready to share something whether it’s a mix from one of their contemporaries, an awesome album cover from the 70s Italo Disco days, or the ESG re-issue that was a must find on Record Store Day.

Private Agenda are currently hard at work readying their next single to be released sometime during the summer months, and they hope to start playing more shows around that time as well. Here’s hoping for a world tour A.S.A.P

“Deja Vu” b/w “Freefalling” is out now via International Feel.