R.I.P. The Books + Long Live Zammuto

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From KCRW DJ Eric J Lawrence:

Learning of the demise of the innovative experimental indie rock duo The Books today was disappointing.  Their 2010 album, “The Way Out”, was one of my favorite releases of that year and it is marked by such a distinctive style that I doubt if it will ever sound dated.

Combining sound collage assemblages with delicate songwriting touches gave The Books an ability to go just about anywhere with their music, from using snippets of children’s stories, to covering Nick Drake’s “Cello Song” (for the Red Hot benefit CD, Dark Was the Night), to composing music for an elevator in the French Ministry of Culture!

According to a Pitchfork interview with one half of the band, Nick Zammuto, it sounds like a bad break-up, which is always a bummer (if only because that suggests that any hope of a reunion seems a long, long way away).

But the good news is that Nick’s new project, Zammuto, will have a self-titled album out on April 3, and they will be playing their first ever live shows in New England next month, with an appearance at SXSW in March as well.

A few tracks have drifted out through the internets over the past few months (my favorite has the rousing song-title of “YAY”), and they betray some of the sonic tomfoolery that made the Books so special, with a new, possibly more traditional twist in the songwriting.

Zammuto – Yay by Zamjam

You can more info at their website here.

So perhaps out of the ashes, a new phoenix will arise!

– Eric J Lawrence

Editor’s Note: Check out a great live performance from The Books on KCRW.