Rebolledo: Artist You Should Know

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kindof borrowing it.

I keed. I’m still Puerto Rican. But now, living in LA(X-ico) I’ve not only learned to appreciate los chiles, but also how integral Mexican culture continues to inform American progress.

Take heed dance world. This guy from Xalapa, Mexico (incidentally home of the jalapeno), Mauricio Rebolledo, known quite simply as, Rebolledo is creating next wave dance music. A brilliant fusion of dark disco, house, techno rhythms, and cosmic synths…this is dance music that encompasses so many different genres it is essentially post-genre. It is virtually it’s own genre.

Rebolledo – Guerrero by iphonda

After a series of absolutely killer stomper singles like “Guerrero“, Rebolledo has released a first throbbing, warped full-length on Matias Aguayo‘s Comeme imprint.

Aguayo, whose singles and album share a similarly visionary and uniquely next wave sensibility, appears on a number of cuts on Super Vato.

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