Release the Sunbird: Artist You Should Know

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Some albums have great artistic merit but I listen to them 5 times and I don’t need to hear it ever again. Then there are just some albums that are so listenable. They don’t necessarily create a new genre or blow your mind with artistry, but are so solid and good that you listen over and over again.

Come Back to Us“, the new album from Rogue Wave frontman Zach Rogue is one of those albums. He recorded it under the moniker Release the Sunbird, which is pretty fitting since it is full of gorgeous sun-kissed songs, with sweet harmonies. It’s a Sunday morning album if there ever was one.

Stream “It’s All Around You”

The first time Jason played a track, I took notice. I’m a HUGE Rogue Wave fan, but I never would have made the connection myself because this is so different. The focus is definitely on simplicity and it’s more intimate and meditative in tone, especially compared to the danceable album “Permalight” they released last year, which I loved.

It’s a fantastic new entry in  the career of Zach Rogue and will be out on July 26 via one of my favorite local labels, Brushfire Records.

Want to hear more? You can download “Always Like the Son” on his artist site and stream “No Light” here (it was offered as a free download via Today’s Top Tune last week, but is still streaming. Sign up so you don’t miss more great tracks.)

Come Back To Us” Tracklisting

1. It’s All Around You
2. Come Back To Us
3. Always Like The Son
4. No Light
5. Why Can’t You Look At Yourself
6. Best Thing For Me
7. A New You
8. Back Strikes Back
9. Paper Allies
10. Running Away From Me
11. Everytime You Go
12. We’ll Begin Tomorrow
13. Outlook’s Anonymous