RIP Adam Yauch: Anthony Valadez Pays Tribute

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I must confess growing up I was never a fan of the electric guitar in rap music. I never really gave the Beastie Boys a chance. They were loud, obnoxious, and having too much fun and not taking the craft of “rap” seriously.

As I got older I began to have more fun in my life and I began to understand the Beastie’s a bit more. I began to understand that these guys were doing what they love, while creating a unique brand that is unlike anything in Hip Hop yesterday or today! And yet with all the funny lines, the braggadocio lyrics and inside jokes, one could not dismiss the flawless production on albums such as Paul’s Boutique or Ill Communication.

MCA’s role was always the laid back emcee who delivered cool rhymes free of any complicated cadence or angst. I remember watching the Beastie Boys on Yo MTV Raps touring Chinatown in NYC w/ Fab Five Freddy in 1989. These guys were a hot mess but they did not care! They were the Andy Kaufmans of Hip Hop! Even during interviews, MCA could always be seen chilling in the cut, taking in energy and the madness while maintaining his cool as Mike D and Ad Rock proceed with inside jokes, pranks and ADHD traits, MCA was to the Beasties as James Dean was to cinema, or what Julias Erving was to the Sixers.

MCA was the super cool in such a crazy rap trio. MCA’s low dirty flow will never be forgotten.