Rogue Wave: “Ocean”

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After a pretty prolific initial decade of existence indie rockers Rogue Wave took a break after their 2013 album, Nightingale Floors, to recharge.  But the recharging is over, and the time is now for the rogue butterfly to emerge from its chrysalis!  Zach Rogue (nee Schwartz), longtime bandmate Pat Spurgeon and the rest of the gang return with their cheekily-titled sixth album, Delusions of Grand Fur, out 4/29 on LA-based label, Easy Sound.  We are happy to premiere the latest of the advance tracks from the album, the driving “Ocean.”

The band has gone back to their roots with a self-produced approach on this new album, which serves songs like “Ocean” quite nicely, letting the track grow organically with the help of Mike Deni of the band Geographer.  As for its meaning, Zach Rogue explains, “On this record, there is a 2-part story about breaking up with a friend. The vastness, the emptiness, the insurmountableness – and that probably isn’t even a word. Anyway, this is Part 2 in the story.”  We’ll have to wait until the full album comes out later this month to get Part 1, but “Ocean” gives us a good start on enjoying the return of Rogue Wave!