Savages: Artist You Should Know

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Savages by Richard Dumas

London post-punk band Savages is behind KCRW DJ Anne Litt’s favorite song of the moment. A barn burner called “She Will”.

These ladies pack a punch and I cornered Anne for a moment to talk about this track.

“I heard Jason play it on MBE and it’s the only song I’ve heard from them. It’s just a powerhouse of energy charging down the freeway at a 1,000 miles per hour that bursts into your brain and makes you very happy. It’s the right kind of punk. Loud music that you want to be even louder, yet musical. It’s powerful stuff.”

The band’s full length “Silence Yourself” will be out in May on Matador Records and if their performances at CMJ and SXSW are any indication, they are an act you want to catch live.