Shana Halligan: Local Artist We Love

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From KCRW DJ Jason Eldredge:

The years of lounge-infused grooves from KCRW favorites Bitter:Sweet were fruitful and fierce, featuring unforgettable music placements in such movies as “The Devil Wears Prada”, “Sex and The City”, “Duplicity”, and a billboard campaign from our very own station.

But, with the release of last year’s appropriately titled EP, “The Break-Up,” the Los Angeles-based duo parted ways. Fortunately, the lead vocalist and sultry songwriter of the group, Shana Halligan, didn’t stop working for a second and is getting ready to put out her own debut solo release entitled, “Richmond Parade”.

Immediately following Bitter:Sweet, Halligan spent time recording in Europe with über-DJ/producer Charles Webster, went on tour with Nouvelle Vague, worked with Thievery Corporation, and met up with TM Juke.

This last collaboration eventually led to the recording of a full-length album in Brighton, UK and the diversity of Halligan’s influences post-Bitter:Sweet are undoubtedly present on her latest release.

At times the new songs border on pop and disco, but there are still traces of lounge and house, with each track completely coated in the sensuality of Halligan’s vocals and her original songwriting style.

Standouts include: “The Passion,” “CLA,” “Paper Butterfly,” and the deeply personal, “Justified”.

Stream “The Passion”

Join me as I open the night with a live DJ set for her first solo show happening next Tuesday, June 21st at the Bootleg Theatre in Los Angeles, 8pm.

– Jason Eldredge