Shelf Life: funky finds and some minimalist jams resembling The Evens

Written by
Prinzhorn Dance School

Talk in Tongues – “While Everyone Was Waiting” (Fairfax Recordings)

With a raggedly funky bassline, LA’s own Talk in Tongues has put forth one of my favorite tracks of the year. It’s from their debut album, Alone with a Friend, that is chockfull of tracks worth investigating.

Prinzhorn Dance School – “Reign” (DFA)

The UK duo that make up Prinzhorn Dance School keep things pretty Spartan: a basic rhythm, a plodding bassline, a dusting of guitar lines and percussive accents, and vocal performances that are more uttered than sung. Somehow it all comes together in a sultry, compelling way that stick in the mind long after the song ends.

E1sbar – “Du Jour” (Polar Vortex)

Francisco Cueto of the All Good Funk Alliance has teamed up with vocalist Piper Davis for a new project that breaks one of the cardinal rules of rockdom with a name that tinkers with replacing letters with numbers. They make up for it with a sexy electro vibe that fits right in alongside artists like Air and Zero 7.