Simian Mobile Disco – Download Seraphim

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Simian Mobile Disco has captured the ears of our DJs since their debut “Attack Decay Sustain Release”. Their sophomore album “Temporary Pleasures” featured guest spots from members of Yeasayer and Hot Chip and was followed by 2010’s “Delicacies”, which compiled a series of 12” singles named after exotic delicacies James Ford and Jas Shaw discovered while touring around the world.

Now they are back with a new full length — “UnPatterns”.

Jason Bentley said the album “transported him to some after after after hours club without even leaving the house” and DJ Raul Campos is a huge fan of the track “Seraphim” in particular, saying “it’s a cool mid-tempo departure from their previous harder, edgier stuff”.

Watch The Video Below and download it here.

They are known for their “creative restlessness” which helps them stay perpetually ahead of the curve. “Seraphim” is a playfully experimental spaced out anthem drenched in sun-kissed euphoria. You can experience the euphoria live when they hit LA on June 1 for a show at the Avalon.