Ski Lodge: Artist You Should Know

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Brooklyn’s Ski Lodge have been getting steady spins on KCRW for the last few months thanks to their jangly pop. It’s pretty infectious.

An easy comparison is The Smiths, so it seemed fitting to write about them the week Johnny Marr is coming to town! Interestingly enough, Ski Lodge’s lead singer is named Andrew MARR. Hmmmmmm.

They also pair up well with newer bands like Tennis, Real Estate and Hospitality that have this catchy, lively hop to their songs and great melodies.

As DJ Anne Litt says, “they know how to write a hook”. Her favorite track is “Looking for a Change“. Check out their homemade music video.

The band released their debut “Big Heart” on Dovecote Records late this summer and are touring through mid-December.

No LA dates on the books as far as I can see but hopefully we’ll get them here soon!