Slang Chickens: Local Band We Love

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slang chickens by Shiva Zarabi
Slang Chickens by Shiva Zarabi (The original image is no longer available, please contact KCRW if you need access to the original image.)

From KCRW DJ Chuck P:

I’ve lived in SoCal most of my life and have had lots of favorite bands from the area.  Currently, Slang Chickens is one of them.

Mixing a brew of musical genres like few others, the Chickens don’t fit nicely into any one category.

They will sound like the 13th Floor Elevators on one track, then the Flying Burrito Bros on the next. Their self-titled debut was released a couple years ago on Psychedelic Judaism records and had few peers on my turntable at that time.

As soon as I saw the burlap album sleeve, I knew there was something special. I was glad I was right.

Immediate faves on that LP were Tropics & Parasited Out, but Let’s Microwave and Blues (Dripping Down My Leg) and really the entire rest of the album had me happily singing along, much to the chagrin of anyone who was in earshot. Seeing them perform live cemented my adoration. Evan Weiss (vocals, guitars) is great up front with his confident voice and shit-eating grin. The whole band whip up a furious combo of electric and acoustic instrumentation.

They’ve got a new EP called My Floor, and the title track sets the tone with it’s countrified twang and Weiss’ storytelling drawl. Fiddle and pedal steel step out in front on most of the five new tracks.

My Floor by Slang Chickens

I expect great things when I see one (or three) of their Monday night residency shows at the Echo in February. I’m still debating if I should “surprise” the wife with a stop at the Good Ol’ Echo on Valentine’s Day… but if you see me there solo, you’ll know why.


Chuck P.