Song For Your Weekend: Bepu N Gali’s “I Travel to You”

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It’s Friday morning. The weekend is near. I need an energetic song to push me through to the finish line and I’m turning to an Afrobeat track from Botswana’s Bepu N’Gali called “I Travel To You”.

It was released last summer and it’s a timeless jam that, even on a rainy LA day, provides the perfect burst of energy.

Bepu N’Gali – I Travel To You (Original) (Release Date 11th June) by International Feel

The track  was released by International Feel, a label based in in Punta Del Este on Uruguay’s Atlantic Coast and is known as a home for “open minded music heads”.

A bit more about Bepu:

He was born in Gaborone to a Motswana father and Italian mother and spent most of his childhood traveling around Africa, including a lengthy spell in Lagos where he fell in love with the Afrobeat sound. When he moved back to Botswana, he put together a 12-piece band to play live. Many of the gigs became jam sessions and, apparently, this song is an edited down version of one such session, which would explain the incredible energy it has.

Also, Todd Terje, a favorite here at KCRW, did an excellent remix. Enjoy!

BEPU N´GALI – I Travel To You (Todd Terje mix) by toddterje