Song of the Day: Whose Groove?

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Raul Campos gave this track a spin last night while I was driving around Hollywood.

I love a great late-night driving song and this one got me because it quietly builds until you hit the 2:11 minute mark and then it steps it up a notch, then again a minute later with some background vocals. It’s a lovely musical journey through sound.

It was only after the song was over that I learned it was from Andy Cato, one half of Groove Armada. His solo album aims to be a”kaleidoscope of sounds, times and places” and that perfectly describes this song.

Apparently the album, called “Times and Places“, was gestating for a while — almost 20 years!

He finally gathered fragments of tracks that he had been jotting down over time, sorting through old 8-tracks, floppy discs, and more, to restore sounds that brought him back to a particular memories. It’s a personal record,  looking through the “mortal maze of dance”.

The full album will be out May 14.