Spacehog’s Appearance in “I’m Still Here”

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From KCRW DJ Mario Cotto:

joaquin-phoenix-im-still-here-posterOver the weekend I saw the Joaquin Phoenix selfsploitation (a phrase I may have just coined, thank you very much) documentary “I’m Still Here.” A lot of folks are labeling it a stunt or hoax. Some critics are seeing it as a genuine documentary about Phoenix’s full-on meltdown. The truth is actually something different, something that exists in a new realm on the edge of “reality” entertainment.

Regardless, although some of my viewing partners were not as taken by it…I was mesmerized. Mesmerized not only by how remarkably terrible a rapper Joaquin is (he really is,) or how phenomenally deadpan every single person in it is, or how at times the cinematography is gorgeous, but by the fact that his assistant “Anthoy” is Antony Langdon of Spacehog.

You know, Spacehog?

Spacehog (like Supergrass) were one of those Britpop bands who decided to move past the Oasis/Blur fixation with The Beatles and mod sounds, and invest in a sound that was more of a cheeky take on glam. Although there were too many songs with space in the title, the single off “Resident Alien” —In the Meantime” — was super catchy. It featured a Penguin Café Orchestra sample that works like perfect bait.

In fact, I remember clearly going to Tower Records to buy it and it being the moment I transitioned from cassingles to CD singles.

So why is this dude Joaquin’s assistant, now? And why, in a really upsetting scene, is he pooping on a sleeping Joaquin? Dunno.

It’s all quite dramatic and weird. But, a little googling reveals they’re pretty close and have worked on some music together, including something called This Lady is a Tramp.

I can’t in good conscious suggest everyone run out and see this, as it is definitely not for everyone. That’d be like saying everyone should RUN and see the latest Von Trier movie. However, the movie is one of the most spectacular (in the literal sense) films I’ve seen all year. It  bears checking out, but “In the Meantime”…

Mario Cotto