Stedapol CC Watt: Local Band We Love

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My good friend Kevin Bronson at Buzzbands knows my tastes well – I love a good indie pop song and I am a sucker for soul music. When he dropped me an email sending me to a stream of Stedapol CC Watt’s “Samba Soul” I knew I was in for something good.

Stream “Samba Soul”

(go here to download the song for free as Today’s Top Tune for 24 hours only!)

Glassell Park Grit When I got the full CD – “Glassell Park Grit” — it was the only thing I listened to for an entire weekend. It was soulful AND funky, an infectious combination, and seemed to fit every mood I was in, particularly the part of me that likes dancing around the house.

Stream “Down and Out, Hand to Hand”

Apparently Questlove is a fan and so is KCRW DJ Garth Trinidad. Now I’m excited to see what awaits as far as their live show goes. No dates scheduled soon, but since they’re an LA band I’ll be on the lookout!