Stepkids: Artist You Should Know

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the-stepkids-the-stepkids From KCRW DJ Anthony Valadez:

My first memory of The Stepkids is the amazing packaging from their self release. I am a geek for colors, fonts and packaging, so I was taken back by artwork from this young band from Connecticut.  I fell in love with what I heard. Hints of Sa Ra meets The Black Keys meets Sly Stone.  It was moving and well done.

I was introduced to the sounds by Plug Research’s Dru Lojero. He pushed play and for the next couple minutes I heard brilliantly-produced psychedelic soul and rock with a future twist.

Stream “Legend in My Own Mind”

The band signed to local label Stones Throw in September of last year and the album isn’t come out until later this year but I’m so excited I wanted to share it right away.  They have a really unique live show too so keep an eye out for tour dates in 2011.

Anthony Valadez

(Editor’s Note: DJ Jeremy Sole is a fan too.)