Stone Darlings: Local Band We Love

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Stone Darlings by Tiffany Roohani

The “artist to watch” label has been thrust upon Stone Darling by a number of local music blogs I trust – including Buzz Bands and Rollo and Grady — since early 2011. The combination of sweet, dreamy vocals and fuzzy guitar can be a home run if the balance is just right and these ladies seem to have nailed it.

Stream “All I Wanna Do”

I’m a bit of a romantic, so it’s not surprising it struck a chord with me.

The band have an EP in the works which they hope to release this Fall and you’ll be able to download “All I Wanna Do” as Today’s Top Tune . In fact, Today’s Top Tune curator Ariana Morgenstern met bassist Mikki at McCabes Guitar Shop, where she works and struck up a friendship. Ariana had to BEG her to get some of their songs because the band is still in the early stages, but when she eventually heard it, she loved it immediately.