Stream Simian Mobile Disco’s New Album “Delicacies”

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With a name like “Delicacies,” it’s hard to resist Simian Mobile Disco’s new album. And after I read that DJ Dan Wilcox called it an “unrelenting techno tour-de-force,” I was hooked!

The band spent most of this year creating a series of 12” singles named after exotic delicacies James Ford and Jas Shaw discovered while touring around the world and this album is a compilation of all those tracks. But, like Dan says, “with the shortest jam clocking in at 7:09, these are less finger foods and more 7-course meals.”

Enjoy the full album streaming in its entirety as part of our Album Preview series through December 21, 2010.

Check out a taste with “Sweetbread

Sweetbread (Radio Edit) by SMD Delicacies


delicaciesSimian Monile Disco – “Delicacies” Track listing

1. Aspic
2. Nerve Salad
3. Casu Marzu
4. Thousand Year Egg
5. Skin Cracker
6. Hákarl
7. Sweetbread
8. Ortolan