Take this Trip: Avant Garde Trippy Electro-Disco

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Chronicling a decade that was informed and ran parallel to the German Kosmiche weirdness of the 70s, Because Music has expertly compiled 20 tracks by French and Italian artists that created a wave of super emotive instrumental electronic music that laid the ground work for future generations of Eurodisco, synthpop and eventually techno.

Between 1970 – 1980 artists like Droids, Space, Jean Michel Jarre, Alain GoraguerCerrone and Bernard Fevre put out excellent soundtrack, library music and albums that split the difference between easy listening and disco.

Definitively the root of everything from Air to Justice‘s trippy prog epics to (quite literally) Daft Punk‘s helmets and beyond into the Scando-disco realm inhabited by Prins Thomas, Lindstrom & Todd Terje, this compilation is a truly adventurous and pretty spectacularly curated collection of tracks music lovers should be acquainted with.

It is expertly timed considering next week a pretty big sci-fi drama will be exploring the feeling of being completely, utterly lost in space…

FREDERIC MERCIER – Spirit by Because Music