Teddy Thompson: Artist You Should Know

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bella album art 2nd_I couldn’t think of a better Valentine’s Day gift than to feature this song. I think sad love songs are just as appropriate for the holiday as happy love songs – they go hand in hand don’t they?  And truth be told, I’m not a huge fan of the holiday so I prefer a song that slowly rips my heart out to some oooey gooey mess of a love song.

Now this is the kind of song about love I can get into — full of longing and desperation, and with gorgeous vocals by Teddy Thompson and a soaring, lush string arrangement behind him.

Every time this song comes on, I just stop what I’m doing and surrender to the moment.

And when Teddy kicks into his falsetto, I really feel my heart skip a beat.

Stream “Take Care of Yourself”:

Teddy is the son of folk rock duo Richard and Linda Thompson and “Take Care of Yourself” is from his new CD Bella, which just came out last week. Jason says the vocals reminds him of Roy Orbison but I’m tempted to compare his vocals to Chris Isaak, who I consider incredibly underrated. (“Forever Blue” always finds its way back to my CD player).

Either way, this song is something special and if you’re just discovering Teddy, he’s a very talented singer-songwriter that is worth paying attention to. (The NY Times just did a profile on him that is worth a read.)

Happy Valentine’s Day to all….