The Amazing: Artist You Should Know

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The Amazing” is not a name that makes me want to listen to a band. I perpetually root for the underdog so there was something about the name that instantly put me off.

However, during a slow Friday of plodding through hundreds of emails, I clicked on a link to their music — and it wasn’t at all what I was expecting.

I guess I figured it would be bombastic rock of some kind but, instead, it was ambling roots rock. In their bio, they describe their new album “Gentle Stream” “an elegantly constructed record of moody psychedelic majesty” that comes with a dose of “Crosby Stills Nash Young-style Laurel Canyon bliss”. Agreed!

Stream the title track below and download it here.

The Amazing – Gentle Stream by Partisan Records

After the sonic discovery, I quickly made another one: the band is from Sweden. It’s a collective led by a member of psych juggernauts Dungen (guitarist Reine Fiske) and they are set to tour with my favorite Aussies, psychedelic-rockers Tame Impala, in the fall.

The album, recorded in Stockholm, will be out on October 23 courtesy of Partisan Records. Here’s another gem, the song “Gone”.

The Amazing: Gone by subliminal sounds