The Belle Brigade in Twilight — I Didn’t Mean It

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Getting a song on a soundtrack to one of the Twilight movies has launched a few artists to success – or at the very least opened them up to a new (and huge) dedicated audience of fans.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t seen a single movie in the Twilight series. But I’ve listened to all of the soundtracks and they always have some interesting songs. My favorite until now has been “Friends” by Band of Skulls from “New Moon” but now that I’ve heard Belle Brigade’s “I Didn’t Mean It”, there is certainly another one in the running!

When I think of the LA-based brother-sister duo of Barbara and Ethan Gruska, I see smiling faces and hear catchy, folky pop songs. But this is something different altogether. I think they’ve found their sexy side – it’s fierce!

They didn’t write the soundtrack specifically for “Breaking Dawn”, but while housesitting for a friend that had a piano. The song is about jealousy so it fit right in with the Twilight Saga love triangle.

I love seeing this new side of a band I already have a lot of respect for.

If you missed it, check out their Morning Becomes Eclectic debut from earlier this year and check them out as part of our holiday show Are Friends Eclectic? on December 3 at the Orpheum Theatre (alongside Iron & Wine, Anna Calvi, Secret Sisters and Zee Avi)